Ubuntu Enters the Smartphone Arena

With the CES kicking off in Las Vegas next week there is much buzz around new consumer electronics. We recently got wind of Canonical's plans to release Ubuntu for smartphones. The advantage of Ubuntu running on a high-end, multi-core handset is that it becomes a full PC and thin client when docked. Canonical claims, “Ubuntu uniquely enables a new category of convergence device – phones that dock to become full PCs and thin clients – enabling enterprise IT departments to replace phones, thin clients and laptops with a single secure corporate device."

The UI relies on swipe gestures similar to Windows 8 on a tablet or Web OS, instead of a touch interface we commonly think of on a Android device or iPhone. Each edge of the phone has a distinct purpose- which makes apps, content and settings easily accessible.

Apps for the device will be native or adapted web apps - which mean all big apps will be available to Ubuntu at launch. Canonical states, “A complete desktop solution needs a full range of desktop applications. While a mobile OS carries no deep desktop software catalogue, Ubuntu offers thousands of applications, all designed for the desktop.”

Cononical has yet to land a deal on a device with a specific manufacturer but rumors suggest a device will be launched early 2014.

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