Accountants Count on ScreenConnect

CPAs take advantage of ScreenConnect to improve overall efficiency and productivity. Remote access software permits accountants to conduct business on-demand anywhere in the world, reach out to global clients and cut down on travel times. Additionally, ScreenConnect allows accountants to access sensitive documents securely, train clients, and meet with customers to review statements or reports.

Instant, secure access to important financial documents and programs like Quickbooks can be an accountant’s lifesaver. Often clients need on-the-spot information. With ScreenConnect an accountant can access the client’s computer and provide documents or reports in a matter of minutes—whether the client is at their workstation or not. ScreenConnect uses a host of distinct security measures including role-based permissions, Windows or Forms Authentication, and 256 bit AES encryption to ensure a safe connection. Furthermore, ScreenConnect resides your network firmly and securely behind your firewall so sensitive data never routes through a third party server.

Training by way of the ScreenConnect’s reverse screen-share is beneficial for an accountant and client. The 1:1 mode allows accountants to give demonstrations of software like Quickbooks so clients can learn quickly how to maximize the software benefits. The host can take over mouse and keyboard controls along with audio chat to provide smooth, easy training. Sessions can also be recorded and saved for playback at a later date or for other employees to watch.

As the workforce has become increasingly mobile over the past decade, accountants have followed suit. ScreenConnect is a multiplatform, secure remote access solution for accountants so they can feel confident that they can help clients in any situation. Whether traveling or being at home after a long day at the office, accountants can depend on ScreenConnect for any time, any place access.

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