ScreenConnect: Serving Up Linux

The ScreenConnect community has been buzzing about a Linux server install for quite some time. As you know, here at ScreenConnect we listen and answer our customer demands!

Cue the drumroll……we can confirm that we’ve had our lab rats hard at work and presently have a Linux version up and running on MONO 2.10. We are still tweaking the bugs but are confident that we will be rolling this out to our customer base in the next couple builds.

So why Linux? What advantages do Linux servers have? It is estimated that Unix-based servers comprised approximately 64 percent of the servers on the market according to an W3Techs August 2011 report. As Katherine Noyes from PC World suggests, Linux servers can have many benefits over Windows servers including “stability, security, hardware, total cost of ownership, and freedom”.  For those reasons, and more, Linux is a huge piece of the pie!  

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