ScreenConnect Roles Out Security

Role-based permissions were incorporated into ScreenConnect for security purposes. Roles are defined by administrators according to permissions that unlock functionality and features within ScreenConnect. Once created, administrators can delineate any number of roles to users based on the access needs of each individual.

Administrators have the option of using Forms Authentication (default) or Window Authentication to manage roles. An unlimited number of roles can be established on the Security Tab of the Administrator’s Page. Roles are defined by twelve predetermined permissions that are based on limits such as session access, viewing rights, and the ability to build an unattended installer. Once roles are created, the administrator can assign, edit, or delete the role.

Our team recommends a stepwise approach to establishing roles: setting a few roles with basic permissions and creating additional roles with more specific functionality. If the needs of a user change, the administrator can easily add or delete a role to the user’s profile without having to create a new one. We hope you are taking advantage of the granular role-based security feature of ScreenConnect!

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