Securing Apple's Lion

With Mac OS’s rise in OS market share over the past decade, hackers are readying attacks against this burgeoning group of Apple users. Once regarded as a safe-haven from malicious software that only targeted Windows machines, Mac users now find themselves in the crosshairs.

Hackers call one such piece of malicious software “Blackhole” RAT, Remote Access Trojan. This Trojan allows hackers to remotely control a user’s Mac. It could also be used to display a fake “Administrator Password” window, allowing the perpetrators to collect password information.

With the release of Mac OS X 10.7, also referred to as “Lion,” Apple is taking a hard look at security. According to Cult of Mac and Apple Insider, security experts have been called in to take a look at the beta release of the software. This is the first time the company has invited outside security researchers.

Among the most important security improvements is ASLR, Address Space Layout Randomization. This allows Lion to store vital data in unpredictable locations, frustrating hackers or malicious software that may be expecting a set pattern

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