Extension Spotlight: Translation Extension Builder

Today, we return to our series highlighting Extensions available in ScreenConnect.

One interesting fact about extensions is that they can contain .resx resource files. This means that multiple localizations can be implemented via extensions! In order to faciliatate the production of these resource files, an extension exists. The Translation Extension Builder acts as a helper extension, assisting with the production of new translations for ScreenConnect.

When the Translation Extension Builder is installed, a new option is available at the bottom of the extensions page: "Create Translation Extension". Choosing this new option will start the translation process.

Select the language you wish to translate into, your author name, and the extension's version (this will default to 1.0). Keep in mind, most languages have the option of a generic translation or a specific, regional version; choose your "Culture" option accordingly. Once your initial options are configured, you can choose to create the extension and return later or immediately jump into the resource editor.

The resource editor is formatted in similar fashion to the base resource string tables available within the Appearance menu. For your new translation, just provide the translated equivalents in the righthand boxes. For those with existing translations that have been implemented by placing the files directly on the server, it might also be possible to copy/paste directly into the resource files' XML as well (Note: this will depend on what version your exisiting translation was originally made for).

Translation extensions function by detecting the user's Operating System and Web Broweser language settings. Your users and guests should automatically view their configured language when visiting the web interface for you ScreenConnect installation. Implement any number of translations you want, including those currently in the Online Extension Browser. By using multiple translations, you can ensure that all visitors to your site can view it with their respective language.

Disclaimer: This extension was written by our support team (and in some cases in conjunction with our forum community) in response to customer requests. Extensions are meant to be quick workarounds or immediate solutions to problems. Extensions are not supported under our normal terms of service, as these extensions are outside typical Q/A or development guidelines. Questions for extensions should be addressed in their respective forum posts. Suggestions for improvements (enhancements or defects) should also be queued in the proper post for consideration.

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Extension Spotlight: List Published Sessions

To kick off our blogs in 2015, we're returning to our series spotlighting Extensions available in ScreenConnect. Over the next several weeks, we'll be touching on our growing list of extensions. If you haven't viewed the available extensions yet, go look right now! The list is constantly growing and adding cool new features to your existing ScreenConnect installation. Today, we'll be looking at the List Published Sessions extension.

With the release of version 5.0, published session formatting was converted from a group of listed sessions to a single drop down menu. There's an example below:

The aim of the new formatting was to provide a more compact Guest Page, eliminating clutter that might confuse your guest. However, some users may have a strong affinity for the previous formatting and wish to revert, or at least implement a very similar List view. Luckily, there's an extension that implements a similar style.

With the List Published Sessions extension installed, any Published sessions now display in a row on the Guest Page. The extension strikes a happy medium between compacting the Guest Page and providing the listed session formatting preferred by some users.

If your preference is for Listed sessions over the drop down menu, give it a try! Remember, as with any extension, you can clone and modify the source code. It can all be modified, meaning you can easily change the CSS if you want to make slight tweaks to the looks of the extension.

Disclaimer: This extension was written by our support team (and in some cases in conjunction with our forum community) in response to customer requests. Extensions are meant to be quick workarounds or immediate solutions to problems. Extensions are not supported under our normal terms of service, as these extensions are outside typical Q/A or development guidelines. Questions for extensions should be addressed in their respective forum posts. Suggestions for improvements (enhancements or defects) should also be queued in the proper post for consideration.

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Table Modification for Custom Themes

For those of you which have already been utilizing custom themes in ScreenConnect, we've got a small but very useful modification that's worth trying out. This one was passed to our support team by a wonderful customer. Try adding the following to your custom theme:

tr:nth-child(odd) {
     background-color: #444;

The exact color you choose to use for the background color is likely to vary according to your theme and how dramatic you want to make the effect. However, this should enable much easier reading of tables (on the Host page and within menus on the Admin page) as shown below.

If you think you have another useful modification that could benefit the community, feel free to share it with us! Visit our forum and spread your bit of genius with us and fellow ScreenConnect users.

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Kaspersky Exclusions

If you're a regular Kaspersky user, you've likely noticed abnormal and frustrating behavior when using ScreenConnect. The antivirus software allows the download of any ScreenConnect client software. However, once inside the session, it's not possible to control any Kaspersky-related windows or settings. This results in any antivirus prompt disrupting service to customers. Fortunately, there's a potential fix to the situation for organizations that disperse the software.

For Kaspersky users that distribute the software en-masse, it's possible to add a rule to exclude ScreenConnect files. This prevents the software from accidentally flagging any ScreenConnect files within the software, circumventing the known issues. A demonstration on how to achieve this can be found here. These rules can be pushed out from a central location to many computers at once.

We recognize that this particular setting doesn't apply to everyone's use of Kaspersky, and we're actively working to provide an all-encompasing solution. We've reached out to Kaspersky several times, without response. We encourage any users who are experiencing this loss of functionality to log a request with Kaspersky. We'll keep you posted on any progress as well.

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Extension Spotlight: Auto Respond to Message

It's been a few weeks now, and we've pretty well covered the set of preview Extensions currently available in the pre-release of version 5.0. We've witnessed the modularity they bring, allowing the addition of desired features. And, we're actively working on developer information so that you can develop your own extensions.

We've covered three extensions thus far. First, we explored client-initiated sessions with the Guest Session Starter. Next, the screen preview enhancer added a quick tool for observing guests. Finally, we presented the technician with a tool to quickly jump into sesions from the desktop.

This week, we're concerned with Access clients. The "Auto Respond to Message" extension will auto respond to messages from Access clients when a Host is not connected to the session. The message is customizable too.

Note: There are a few configurations that can be made to customize this Extension. 1. In the SessionEventTrigger.xml file, you can specify the From address for the messages. If not included, the field will be the default Mail from value. In the file, find the SmtpTriggerAction area and add:

With a value in the "" field.

A correct setting should look like:

<TriggerAction xsi:type="SmtpTriggerAction" To="email@address.com" Subject="AutoResponse has executed" Body="{Event.Data}"/>

2. Also in the SessionEventTrigger, the ScreenConnect server's web service port may need to be configured if it is different than the default (8040). You can change it in the HttpTriggerAction section by changing the port in the URI to whatever your server is using.

3. In the Resource file (Web.en-US.resx): You can configure the username (AutoResponse.HostName) from which the auto response is sent And you can configure the message itself (AutoResponse.Message).

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Extension Spotlight: ScreenConnector

As you've likely seen or heard by now, Extensions are coming to ScreenConnect. With their addition, ScreenConnect will now have modular additions of code that can be installed/uninstalled and enabled/disabled at will. We'll even be giving you developer information in time as well (the development tools are actually already available as an extension).

So far, we've covered a client-initiated session starter and a screen preview enhancer. They're useful, but today's spotlight really up the utility of ScreenConnect. Let's say that you have a particular session, regardless of type, that you need to join. Maybe, it's an internal machine that you need to service through an Access meeting. Or, perhaps, you're a tier two technician who needs to join your tier one staff in an exisitng Support session. It can be a hassle to open up the website, find your session, and start the joining process. Now, there's a way to circumvent the majority of the process.

ScreenConnector is the new extension that allows you to connect to exisitng ScreenConnect sessions quickly with an .exe that resides on your desktop. The extension places a downloadable .exe in the Extras menu of the guest page. Launching ScreenConnect will prompt rusers to authenticate, and then they'll be able to use the Windows "Jump Lists".

Note: At this time, ScreenConnector is only available on Windows machines and uses .NET version 4.5

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Extension Spotlight: Expand Thumbnail Preview Image

In case you don't frequent our social media, we'll be covering extensions that are in development. Many of these will be available at the release of version 5. We started off with a video of the Guest Session Starter last week. Today, we're going to switch gears with a more technician-focused extension.

Sometimes a guest just simply needs a nudge in the right direction, not necessarily a full session. In this case, it would be nice to see the guest's screen at a sizeable resolution without the need to join a session. The Expand Thumbnail Preview addresses this issue. The extension allows you to take a quick look at the guest's system without having to connect to the machine. After the extension is installed, you'll see a button below the screenshot on the Host page to expand the image.

Note: You also have to make a minor change to the web.config file in order for the extension to function properly.

  1. On the ScreenConnect server, open the web.config file (C:\Program Files (x86)\ScreenConnect\web.config on Windows and /opt/screenconnect/web.config on Linux and Mac).
  2. Find the following two settings: GuestScreenshotMaxScalePercent and GuestScreenshotMaxPixelCount.
  3. Change the value of those two settings to something larger, I recommend setting them to: <add key="GuestScreenshotMaxScalePercent" value="60"></add> and <add key="GuestScreenshotMaxPixelCount" value="1000000"></add>.
  4. Save the changes
Give it a try, and let us know what you think on our forums. And, stay tuned for the coverage on our next Extension.


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Extension Spotlight: Guest Session Starter

With the upcoming release of version 5.0, one of the centerpiece additions will be extensions. The functionality extensions will bring can be paralleled to what's currently done with Chrome browser extensions. They are additional segments of code that are added onto your existing ScreenConnect installation. In doing so, you add some new piece of functionality.

This week, and for the next coming weeks, we will be covering various extensions of interest. And, to kick things off, we'll be reviewing the Guest Session Starter. A demo is available below.

If the Guest Session Starter has peaked your interest, feel free to download the lastest Pre-Release of version 5.0 from our website. Just note, the pre-released version is not meant for a production environment. We highly recommend installing it in a test environment.

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