eBook – How to Obtain Business Clients

Get Business Clients in 30 Easy Steps explores the notion of expanding a shop from the residential side of things to business clientele as the challenges of the future marketplace change. Through 30 steps, authors and Technibble veterans, Ric Chapman and Bryce Whitty, explore everything from preparing a plan, to getting your foot in the door with confidence, to landing and maintaining support. They share their experiences from the corporate world—many ideas already discussed on Technibble—and deliver them in a comprehensive 87 page volume. The book is available in PDF format, for the Kindle, or an EPUB version is available. Also supporting documents such as letters and forms are included. For full disclosure we have not read the book ourselves but figure users in our community may be interested in the reference.

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ScreenConnect 3.0, Nice To Meet You

We hope our user base has had a good few weeks getting acquainted to ScreenConnect 3.0! The new changes are quite substantial and exciting. We’ve completely redesigned the UI to position for the new use model, meetings. Meetings have been a long sought after use model for much of our user base so they could collaborate with multiple participants in a conference environment. ScreenConnect meetings allow an unlimited number of guests to attend and view an individual’s screen. Such features for the host and attendees include screen capture, recording, and chat.

Additionally with the new use model comes a whole new feel and design to the ScreenConnect UI. The 3.0 release provides easier access to menus and features—a style challenge that we feel we met and what will be the future of ScreenConnect. During meetings or remote sessions hosts have readily available access to tools and menus the old interface did not provide. Please let us know your thoughts on ScreenConnect 3.0! If you have any questions you can contact our staff!

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Free Virus Removal Webinar - December 12

The ScreenConnect Team wants to inform our user base of a free webinar presented by ACRBO that is taking place on December 12th at 4PM on the topic of Advanced Techniques for Virus Removal. We know many of you are small IT shops that support clients and their personal computers. This discussion will focus on the areas of:

  • What are the different types of malware? Why does it matter?
  • How do you know when a computer is infected?
  • How did the computer become infected? When is the malware being loaded?
  • When do you use System Restore?
  • What if the malware survives Safe Mode?
  • What if you can’t run Regedit? Task Manager? Windows Update?

For more details visit the ACRBO Webinar Homepage

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