"Holy ScreenConnect, Batman!"

The summer blockbuster season is upon us! Christopher Nolan’s new Batman installment, The Dark Knight Rises is probably the most anticipated of the slew. Here at ScreenConnect, we’ve already got our tickets to the first day of showings! But with less than a month until the world premiere we are stuck wondering, how does Bruce Wayne handle his support issues? From the complex, high-powered gadgets such as the utility belt, to the Wayne Manor security system, to the Batcave’s centerpiece supercomputer- the Batman operation is an IT professional’s worst nightmare!

With security and anonymity being a high priority of Bruce Wayne, we feel that a self-hosted remote support software would be a great solution for the Wayne Manor. Self-hosting guarantees Wayne’s secretive data would be kept on-site in the Batcave server room instead of being routed to an off-site third-party server. This security ensures Wayne that his sensitive data and anonymous Batman identity will not be breached by the highest of infiltrations.

Batman's day-to-day field operations are complex. From continually monitoring crisis points in Gotham City and around the world to brutal combat, Batman relies on a plethora of supercomputers and high tech gadgets on a daily basis. A sophisticated network of satellite link-ups allows Batman easy access to information anywhere around the globe. This complex system requires frequent updates and monitoring over multiple systems to keep Batman pertinent to cutting edge technology. ScreenConnect would allow Batman remote access to any workstation inside his LAN to provide updates, patches, or analyze any software issues. Furthermore, if a crisis situation were to arise during a off-site mission, it would be a highly beneficial for Wayne's business manager, Lucius Fox, to remotely support Batman and diagnose problems from the comfort of the Batcave.

Lastly, the entire Batman operation depends on the contents of what the Batcave houses, thus its security is of the utmost importance to the entire operation. The Batcave is rigged with the most sophisticated security system in the world in order to prevent all measures of penetration. The complex web of security measures includes motion sensors, silent alarms, and steel and lead mechanical doors that must all be controlled by a highly protected, complicated computer network. ScreenConnect’s security features including role-based permissions, authentication methods, and 256 bit AES encryption algorithms ensure control over the Batcave’s security system from anywhere in the world with an internet connection.

We realize that Batman’s operation is extremely important and complex. We think ScreenConnect, a highly secure, self-hosted remote support software is a perfect fit for the Wayne Manor. For Batman's gracious commitment to fighting crime we would like to offer Bruce Wayne a free ScreenConnect license. Feel free to contact sales and we will hook you up ASAP!

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Out of the Gates: ScreenConnect 2.5

The ScreenConnect 2.5 stable release is now available from the ScreenConnect downloads page. There has been a lot of buzz around the 2.5 build as we unveil new features including a server-based toolbox feature, enhancements to screen recording, and the redesign of our chat window. Our users have been tinkering with the beta versions for awhile and we’ve had a lot of positive feedback from the group.

Probably the most anticipated enhancement of the 2.5 release is the ability to install ScreenConnect on a server running Linux. As mentioned in an earlier blog post, Linux servers can have many benefits over Windows servers including stability, security, hardware, total cost of ownership, and freedom. For those reasons, and more, we wanted to incorporate Linux as an integral part of ScreenConnect. We are currently working on expanding our knowledge base to provide an easy avenue to help you install ScreenConnect on your Linux server.

We hope you enjoy your updated version of ScreenConnect. For the entire rundown of what is new with ScreenConnect 2.5 please refer to the ScreenConnect release history. If you have any questions or concerns please contact our team. Stay tuned as we have many great things on the horizon for 2012!


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Firefox for Android Supports Windows Authentication

The Firefox Web browser for Android was released this morning, June 26th, and is now available from the Google Play store. Mozilla claims Firefox “brings the best of desktop browsing to Android. It’s fast, easy to use and customizable, with the latest security and privacy features to help you stay safe online”.

The app release is also exciting news for ScreenConnect users. The Firefox Web browser will support Windows Authentication on mobile devices regardless of whether your site is SSL-enabled.  In the past Windows Authentication has not been supported for non-SSL installations due to the security capability of the native Android browser.  The native browser only supports basic authentication that is sent in clear text, which ScreenConnect only allows if your site is secured with SSL. In Firefox, ScreenConnect supports NTLM authentication, which is encrypted.

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Share with ScreenConnect

Reverse screen share with ScreenConnect can be useful in training sessions and for demonstrations. This feature allows the host to share their screen with the guest, while limiting guest access to viewing only. Additional capabilities can be achieved by joining multiple hosts to a reverse screen share session. This useful feature is ideal for technicians, corporate trainers, or sales teams to demonstrate their software products.

To access the reverse screen share feature the host should navigate to the File menu and choose Reverse Screen Share. Here, hosts can opt to share multiple or single monitors. On the host machine, the ScreenConnect Host Client will be minimized to the task bar while the guest’s machine will display the host’s screen in the ScreenConnect Viewer. To end reverse screen sharing, the host should restore the ScreenConnect client window from the task bar. We have a video detailing the reverse screen share process on the ScreenConnect YouTube page.

Many of our followers and users have requested full meeting functionality (multiple guests to join a session). As you know, here at ScreenConnect we listen to our community requests! We are currently planning to implement presentation mode into an upcoming release of ScreenConnect. New and valued customers will both benefit from this add-on as they will be able to eliminate their meeting software.

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Remote Support of Mobile Devices

We frequently receive questions concerning remote support for mobile devices. While we do offer mobile clients for the technician to use when supporting customers; the ability to actually control a mobile device is a bit more elusive. The two big operating systems right now (iOS and Android) along with the related mobile device manufactures limit the ability for remote support tools to control or even view the screen of their devices. The exception lies with devices that are jailbroken or rooted, this practice permits tools to be installed at the root level where they have access to control and view the display.

Several remote access solutions including Bomgar and LogMeIn Rescue provide limited connectivity to the file system, chat, and various diagnostics such as email configuration and internet settings. But remote control of the screen is restricted unless the mobile manufacturer has pre-installed the client or the device is jail broken/rooted. This is an industry wide concern, that each remote desktop/remote access/remote support solution is encountering and no-doubt looking for a resolution. These restrictions and limitations imposed by the mobile operating systems have slowed the development in our respective industry. Hopefully through the constant prodding and requests by the vendors and users, options will be implemented so all remote support companies can provide a remote support client that can be used to support these devices.

So what are our plans moving forward? We are looking at what options are available and are considering various mobile clients for our future builds. We are constantly talking with our community to determine what features are necessary and what would be nice to haves. We will continue to evaluate the mobile OS market and do our best to provide the most comprehensive and compatible remote support solution available. And when the mobile operating system providers expose the necessary components to view and control their devices, we will certainly be one of the first to release a full featured client.  If you have thoughts, opinions, or ideas about how we can improve our mobile clients for the technician and eventually the customer please contact the ScreenConnect sales staff. And if you work for Apple, Google, or one of the respective mobile phone manufacturers we would love to talk with you about how to get our ScreenConnect client installed and working so that our users can continue to help make the migration to your devices easier.


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ScreenConnect On the Go

Over the past few years mobile devices have been taking over the technology landscape. With their compact design and overall convenience, smartphones and tablets have been the motivating force behind mobilization of the workforce. Users can enjoy the freedom and flexibility of being able work 24/7 from anywhere having an internet connection.

These devices are becoming increasingly popular among IT professionals. With ScreenConnect, IT professionals can host a remote support session from a mobile device. Technicians can address client's technical issues whether they are on the road between appointments, at an off-site meeting, or on vacation. ScreenConnect allows for flexibility in the workday.

The ScreenConnect app is available for the Android or iOS operating systems. Simply search for ScreenConnect in the Google Play or iTunes store and download the app. The app is free to those with a license. A detailed explanation of how to use the ScreenConnect mobile app using an Android device is available on the ScreenConnect YouTube page. Users can provide tech support from anywhere with ScreenConnect.

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Firefox 13 Release

Firefox 13 was released to the public a couple of weeks ago. Notable among the upgraded features are a redesigned Home and New Tab pages. We have tested ScreenConnect deployment in our office and have had no issues with ClickOnce deployment or Java Runtime Errors. After updating, if you run into any issues please report them to the ScreenConnect team.

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ScreenConnect is a Firm Choice For Attorneys

Law firms utilize ScreenConnect to boost productivity which ultimately saves time and money. Remote access software allows attorneys to work from remote locations and incorporate the ability of real-time sharing of documents.

Practicing law can be an extremely demanding career requiring extensive hours. Minimizing downtime and increasing billable hours is the main focus of all profitable firms. The option for attorneys to work from an alternative environment from that of the office can lead to increased productivity. Allison Shields writes in an article for Law Practices Today, lawyers are looking for better ways to incorporate their personal and professional lives. They are more likely to work longer and remain focused with fewer distractions if they are permitted to work from remote sites such as home, trial sites or while on vacation. Shields went further in her interview with Rachel Foley, head of bankruptcy firm, who found “some employees actually work better from home – and they’ve become even better employees as a result, because they’re happier and more loyal to the firm.” Not only is remote access great for employees, but managing partners can log in the system and see what attorneys in the field or at home have accomplished for a given day. Remote access can be a great option for attorney’s trying to balance their lives.

Instantaneous access to documents and files increases response time and brings client service to a new level. Remote access allows firms to share files and software in real-time for access and interoffice collaboration. If an attorney leaves an important trial document at the office, no worry, they can access it from court via ScreenConnect’s unattended remote access feature. Moreover, sensitive documents no longer have to be removed from the office increasing overall security. ScreenConnect’s self hosting aspect along with several security measures including encryption, role based securities, and authentication factors offer a secure method for accessing sensitive documents. Remote access software such as ScreenConnect allows attorneys to have the same resources they have in the office anywhere in the world.

ScreenConnect is a multiplatform, secure remote access solution for fast-paced, demanding law firms. Whether working from home or accessing files for a court case, attorneys can depend on ScreenConnect for any time, any place access.

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An Instance of Amazon EC2

Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) is an integral part of Amazon Web Services (AWS). Amazon EC2 rents cloud space to users to create virtual machines on which to run applications. Each virtual machine is defined as an "instance" and functions as a virtual private server (VPS) . A slew of heavy hitters such as Reddit and Foursquare depend on Amazon EC2 due to a reliable annual uptime of 99.95%.

Amazon EC2 claims to “change the economics of computing by allowing you to pay only for capacity that you actually use. Quickly scale capacity, both up and down, as your computing requirements change.” Amazon EC2 released Micro Instance late last year as a budget conscious choice. Presently, Amazon is offering Micro Instance free for a year. A detailed guide to Amazon EC2 pricing can be found here.

Configuration of your ScreenConnect install should be pretty straightforward and easy with the Amazon EC2 Quick Launch Wizard. A detailed guide to installing ScreenConnect on an Amazon EC2 Micro Instance can be found on our YouTube page. The total install time excluding the approximately 15 minutes it took for Amazon to email us our password was under 10 minutes. We hope that some of our customers have utilized Amazon’s EC2 for hosting their ScreenConnect install.

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Accountants Count on ScreenConnect

CPAs take advantage of ScreenConnect to improve overall efficiency and productivity. Remote access software permits accountants to conduct business on-demand anywhere in the world, reach out to global clients and cut down on travel times. Additionally, ScreenConnect allows accountants to access sensitive documents securely, train clients, and meet with customers to review statements or reports.

Instant, secure access to important financial documents and programs like Quickbooks can be an accountant’s lifesaver. Often clients need on-the-spot information. With ScreenConnect an accountant can access the client’s computer and provide documents or reports in a matter of minutes—whether the client is at their workstation or not. ScreenConnect uses a host of distinct security measures including role-based permissions, Windows or Forms Authentication, and 256 bit AES encryption to ensure a safe connection. Furthermore, ScreenConnect resides your network firmly and securely behind your firewall so sensitive data never routes through a third party server.

Training by way of the ScreenConnect’s reverse screen-share is beneficial for an accountant and client. The 1:1 mode allows accountants to give demonstrations of software like Quickbooks so clients can learn quickly how to maximize the software benefits. The host can take over mouse and keyboard controls along with audio chat to provide smooth, easy training. Sessions can also be recorded and saved for playback at a later date or for other employees to watch.

As the workforce has become increasingly mobile over the past decade, accountants have followed suit. ScreenConnect is a multiplatform, secure remote access solution for accountants so they can feel confident that they can help clients in any situation. Whether traveling or being at home after a long day at the office, accountants can depend on ScreenConnect for any time, any place access.

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