Tablets as Primary Computers

A survey of tablet owners released in March from AdMob has found that 28% use their devices as their primary computers. Even more interestingly, 77% of tablet owners use their laptop or desktop computer less after purchasing a tablet. A tablet’s portability, ease of use, and responsiveness are most likely the reasons that tablet owners choose to use their laptops or desktops less; for simple tasks like searching the web, answering email, and playing games, or managing social media, the tablet can be seen as a more ideal device to work with than a laptop (especially in terms of portability).

The AdMob survey also included findings on the activities tablet owners performed on their devices. 84% play games, 61% read the news, 56% are involved with social networking, and 46% read ebooks.

Betanews has more statistics on the survey, including activities that have been affected by the purchasing of a tablet, such as listening to the radio or reading a paper book.

Have you purchased a tablet? Has it become your primary computer? What activities do you perform on your tablet since you’ve purchased it? Let us know in the comments!

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Gemini IP, LLC v. Computer Sciences Corporation et al

On November 3, 2010, Gemini IP LLC filed a lawsuit against various technology companies, including Citrix Systems, Inc., LogMeIn, Inc., Best Buy Co., Bomgar Corporation, AT&T, Inc., Xerox Corporation, Symantec Corporation, Sony Corporation of America, and ScreenConnect. The lawsuit, filed in the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Texas, alleges patent infringement and seeks an unspecified amount for damages and injunctive relief.

Gemini IP LLC is owned by Erich Spangenberg, who is often referred to as a “patent troll.” Patent trolls are individuals or companies that buy up patents, even though the individual is unlikely to be an inventor and the company is unlikely to have any operations. Then, these patents are used to sue other companies for patent infringement. The process works quite well for the patent trolls, especially since the high cost of litigation forces smaller companies to settle to avoid going to court.

Currently, the case is still pending and no presiding judge has been decided.

More information about the case...

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Announcing a New Direction

Hello, everyone! To make the blog as useful to our readers as possible, we are going to change the focus to cover more relevant information, including computer repair/support tips, forums, podcasts, remote support news from all vendors, and much more. If you have any suggestions for content, please let us know! This blog is for you, the readers, and we’d love to hear your input!

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